Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Colorado River Painting Project

Painting Colors
My Watercolors
Lately I've been feeling a little creative itch to create something new and different. To scratch the itch I am going to focus on painting some non-commissioned artwork this month. I have decided to paint what I know: the Colorado River and other beautiful features of the dramatic landscape around my home.

There is something about the rich warm colors of the sandstone next to the cold green water and blue sky that really get my juices flowing! The sandstone around here is crimson, vermillion, orange, salmon, peach, pink, and gold all swirled together with dark desert varnish. As much as I love and will continue to accept portrait commissions, doing something new is refreshing. I recently read an article that pointed out that only ever painting on commission is a huge creativity killer. Although I do enjoy commissions, I must admit it is liberating to paint whatever I feel like painting. And right now I feel like painting home.
Colorado River Arwork
Painting Navajo Sandstone
Painting Can Be Dangerous
I got started yesterday and it feels great to do landscapes again. Except for this, I actually got this blister painting! That's a first. I must be excited.

Watch for a new series of Colorado River paintings soon on my website!

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