Monday, June 17, 2013

Can Artists Make Money Online?

Does art really sell online? Many new artists are hesitant to use the internet as a tool for their business. While caution is warranted and theft of art is a real danger, it is vital to my career. Today I looked back at sales of my artwork in the last couple of months. Since April, I have sold my artwork to clients in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia and many states including IL, AZ, NE, NY, CT, WA, PA, FL, RI, KY, CO, NC, MN, NV and HI. Most of these wonderful clients I could never have met if it weren't for the internet and my online shops. Great websites for artists to set up shop include Etsy, Zazzle and Fine Art America. And tackling international shipping and exchange rates is made easy by these websites. The answer is yes, the internet is a good place to make money as an artist. It, like everything worth doing, takes time, research and work. It is not easy money, but neither is traveling to art shows and galleries. If you are considering selling your art online, give it a try.