Friday, October 19, 2012

Now offering prints and greeting cards on Fine Art America

Recently I have made the decision to open a new shop on Fine Art America selling prints of my work. This is a fantastic website because not only can you order prints on paper or canvas, you can also have the work framed and shipped directly from this website with a 30-day money back guarantee. 

I have taken an informal poll among some of my clients, asking how they would feel if I sold prints of the artwork they commissioned of their pets. For the most part, reactions have ranged from fine with it to super excited that their pet will be ‘famous’! They also like the idea of a new place to order greeting cards of their artwork or extra prints in different sizes. Copyright laws generally give the artist the copyright on their own work even if the original is sold unless otherwise negotiated. For the last few years just to be clear, I have been posting the notice on my listings that I retain full reproduction copyright on all of my work. 

But please, if you are unhappy that I may soon be offering your pet’s image for resale on prints or greeting cards, let me know. Making my clients happy is my top concern.

It's still under construction, but for a sneak peak take a moment to check out the new site here. I think you will like it:

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